Shards and Bridges

After not-the-most-productive and slightly frustrating of days, I wasn’t sure if I deserved to join the crew for my second week doing the London Friday Night Skate. Even after getting back home and clocking in my run of the day, I was uncertain. Literally a few minutes after I should have left the thought struck – how many opportunities in my life will I get to blaze down roads with hundreds around me?

Best decision of the day. Even the journey to Hyde Park, where I changed at Canary Wharf, bid well as I got to see McLaren showing off their cars:

Another great thing about this weekly event is the fantastic social aspect – it’s really a party on wheels and you get to talk to so many new people, hear amazing stories and just grin like a madman as the wind batters away at you (or maybe that’s just me…) Today’s route took us through the South of the river and we had our halftime under the twinkling Shard.

Half-time break!

One of the things I do want to get across from these experiences is to share how important it is to be with people, especially after not a great day, and how it can leave you bubbling with enthusiasm again. I’m pretty sure the rest of the weekend would’ve gone downhill if I hadn’t invested this time into my personal and emotional well-being. Try to find that activity which can flush those negative thoughts and revitalise you – for me it has always been something physically taxing like a good, hard run or something like this skate.

And to those of you curious of the route, here’s my Strava activity:

Run of the Day:

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