This weekend has been one of many ‘firsts’. You see, 3 years living in London and I had yet to have seen a live performance in the West End! To be fair, my first ever experience of the cinema had been there after getting lost on Guy Fawkes Night in 1st year and ending up watching John Wick 2 on a huge super-screen.

But tonight, we landed some fantastic tickets for an absolute bargain and off we were to Duke of York’s Theatre. After zig-zagging through an overflowing Covent Garden (it was Pride Parade this afternoon!), we finally reached the decadent theater with its winding stairs and plush carpeting.

Sneaky picture of the set for which I got told of for…

So I hadn’t really done any background reading and had no idea what the play was about. It was actually written back in 1886 and was set in Norway, in Rosmer’s manor house. Without actually recounting the whole plot, the story was fascinating and explored many important questions such as democracy and equality. Funny to see how a play written over a 100 years ago can be so relevant at this day and age. Have we come any closer to solving those problems of inequality in gender and social classes?

Aside from the gripping plot-line (which kept me glued to the seat for over 2 hours!), the actors were spectacular including Hayley Atwell (from Captain America), Tom Burke (BBC’s The Musketeers) and Giles Terera (who plays in Hamilton!).

The cast for a round of applause

Although we weren’t dazzled with ‘special effects’ of a Hollywood blockbuster, the use of lighting and sounds made the whole experience truly immersive. And when the water filled the stage? Loved it all and can’t wait to see another show soon!

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