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The City of Light

Mothers are strange creatures – they are hybrid humans with maxed out levels of empathy, care and love. I don’t know any other person who has come to pick up and drop off someome at the airport without actually travelling – for every journey since I first set off from Jeddah.

Today was no different and on getting home at 8am, the table was overflowing with delicious dishes to feed 10 and I was only allowed to get up after I gained back an extra couple of kilos. Having not slept all night and now fed, I immediately crashed in my bedroom.

Only to be woken a few hours later… I’d arrived neck-to-neck with Eid celebrations and the family wanted to be in the holy city of Madinah Al Munnawarah for it.

The city is about a 4 hour road trip away and bleary eyed carrying the same backpack from the flight, we were speeding down the highway. It is amazing how quickly you get into the wilderness and desert from a developed and populated city. The miles upon miles of winding roads through barren, uninhabited land and between gigantic mountains is breathtakingly overwhelming. See for yourself!

Snoozing through a bit of the trip, we checked into the hotel and headed towards the Mosque for prayers and supplications. Being in a holy and spiritual land on a such a religiously important time of the year, the tires of a full 2 days of travel were forgotten and an immeasurable amount of love and gratitude fills me.

Eid Mubarak everyone!

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