The Brick Lane Market

This reading week has become more of a writing one! As I write another blog post after sending a draft of my research project (dedicated post for that coming up) to my supervisor and start planning out my personal statement – quite a bit of writing for me!

Living in East London for over a year now, I realised I still hadn’t taken sis around the Brick Lane and Shoreditch area – hipster London. So, slightly under the weather, we took a short bus to Whitechapel and walked a winding route to Brick Lane. Super nostalgic as I remember coming in my first year with my then new friends – we were so cool…

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I remembered the alleyway we’d turned into then to discover the most amazing street artwork. And sure enough, under 100s of layers of art stood spray-paint masterpieces.

Another place I had to go back to was Dark Sugars – a cocoa house from where I’d brought back my mommy a box of truffles for her birthday. The thing I’d missed out on then was their hot chocolate so we had to try it. Their special touch is cutting shards of chocolate off huge blocks of dark, milk and white chocolate and adding it on top of the steaming milk. This has to be the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had!

Walking goggle-eyed through the shop themed as though constructed of chocolate, it’s like being in Willy Wonka’s factory!

Sipping the hot chocolate in London’s grey weather, we strolled through the food market and head down rickety stairs to my favourite place – the vintage market. Between racks of cream trenches, aged-soft leather jackets and clothes still sporting those classic Adidas logos – I can spend forever here!

A huge fan of this fashion style, I was on the lookout for a piece that shouted me (and wasn’t expensive!). After two laps of this underground space, I gave up and decided to call it a day. Back upstairs, there was a lone shop and in their clearance rack, I spotted an awesome dark grey denim jacket that zipped up and had the best ribbed sleeves and collar. And at 10 quid – an absolute bargain! Unfortunately, no picture yet until I get a deserving shot.

Pleased with the purchase and warm with the hot chocolate in my belly, we walked around for a while longer until it started getting darker and head back towards home. Successful trip!

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