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Getting in the Rhythm

Going away is amazing but the grounding I felt as I got off at London Bridge and knew how to get home without Google Maps – comforting.

This week has had its ups and down (and a lack of exciting enough things for standalone posts). It was only a week of disconnection but it took some time to get back the visual and geometric sense I needed for my summer project so the early part of the week was spent revising content.

Wednesday was a big day as I had to pitch ZNotes for the final step to get into the UCL Hatchery. After a lot of preparation and nailing down the slides, it didn’t turn out exactly as expected… unfortunately due to legal reasons we couldn’t be a part of it just yet. Definitely not the most encouraging of news but the process of crystallizing your thoughts and plans to make them presentable is always such a crucial exercise. Something I skip way too often in my rush to keep doing something new and interesting. Reflection and evaluation is so important.

Being a relentless optimist and celebrating the little things that did work, I headed to my first Research Training with the EDUCATE Programme; they’re an accelerator who we’re working with to develop research from the ZNotes platform. Learning new techniques and having to do even more evaluation, it continued to be a hugely valuable day along with a good opportunity to catch-up with my fellow cohort members.

An older post mentions this but networking has been such an important part of my journey as an entrepreneur and running into each other after one of my meetings, we were able to work with our friends at AEO Labs to offer a few career advice sessions to the ZNotes community!

Two weeks of not being able to make it, I was waiting for it to get to 8pm all Friday to go for another blaze down the roads with the London Friday Night Skate group. This event was called “The Rollercoaster” and it made sense why: after the first half being quite uphill, there were some amazing downhill bits for us to fly down care-free!

Saturday was a late start (after getting home at midnight from skating) and after getting the domestic stuff done, I was getting ready for a friend’s late birthday party celebration. A long night out and casual banter with people I hadn’t seen for a while (and new people) is just the best!

Sam rocking my sunglasses better than I do

Run of the Day

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